Hi, I’m Jill. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, I received my Honor’s Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, funded by the Ford Family Foundation, from Oregon State University in the Spring of 2009. I also completed the Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Program (MAIS) in the Spring of 2011 at Oregon State University where I integrated the fields of Psychology, Statistics, and Human Development and Family Sciences. In May 2015 I earned my Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Toledo and went on to apply my skillset as a Public Health Scientist with the Army Public Health Center.

I have since transitioned from supporting the public health of our nation’s Soldiers to applying my skills more broadly to work as a Public Health Research Analyst in the Center for Communication Science at RTI International. There I get to help organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health tailor their health messaging to best resonate with key populations.

I have a number of passions that intersect with my work in different ways. I love all things data and recognize that inspiring that same awe in others requires clear messaging and tailored communication; people need to understand the information before they can use it for action. My travels have underscored the importance of this point: not everyone comes to the table with the same lens, vernacular, or priorities. I volunteer with organizations such as Viz for Social Good and DataKind to enact these values, supporting nonprofits across the globe in tailoring their data analyses and messaging.